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The Brain Map Isn’t the Territory

The title of this post is surely an up-to-date a single from Alfred Korzybski, a Polish-American scientist and thinker. His initial quotation was to start with utilized in 1931 Video Mapping. It tells us that the impression we create of one thing or someone is not the object by itself. It’s only a spinoff.

As an example: When an individual is rude to you, your graphic of that individual is that she or he can be a impolite human being. This is not the situation. It is only your point of view. The individual just isn’t rude. The actions arrives across as rude.

It really is unhappy to see that individuals inform by themselves for illustration I am Fat, or I’m Stupid. It’s not genuine. You will be considerably more than this one issue. Never label your self or someone/something as a consequence of one particular aspect or trait.

A similar relates to mind mapping. Your Mindmap is basically exhibiting you a degree of check out. This is why mindmaps generally are very private. They show you the way you perceive the item. After you check with people to build a mindmap on a specific subject, chances are you get many various maps.

I believe which the mindmap by itself is only a snapshot of the sights.

The structure within your mind may resemble the mindmap construction. Your head however is much extra flexible. Info is considered dynamically. The knowledge changes itself. A mindmap doesn’t try this.

In mind mapping we are able to utilize the quote of Mr. Korzybski and say:

The Mindmap Is not the Intellect Map

Which means that you should be careful when applying a mindmap. The map you designed is barely a snapshot of one’s point of view on that subject matter.

This can be crucial

You may in all probability realize why it is so important that you update your mindmaps routinely (I’m certainly not discussing your mindmaps). A mindmap made with data now and remaining on your own for a year is nice to acquire as part of your archive or to indicate you how you have grown that yr. The information in the map may have turn out to be out of date.

Permit your mindmaps expand together with you. Whenever your ideas, perspectives and insights improve, you update your map.

Below undoubtedly are a handful of maps you should update on a regular basis. I also extra the recommended frequency for updating them:

Your undertaking maps – everyday
Your learn mindmap – weekly
Your objectives map – every month

After you start to work with your maps by doing this, you can make certain that your maps begin to operate for you. In case you imagine your maps is usually up-to-date kind of frequently make sure you achieve this. You might be in control around your data.